Comparison of heating oil: How to save money while shopping

Despite the recent price reductions, heating oil prices have risen significantly in the last ten years and fluctuate throughout the year. Verivox gives owners of oil heating systems the ability to compare and save costs. With our fuel oil comparison, you can quickly and easily find a cheap dealer in your area.

Similar to stocks, heating oil prices are subject to daily fluctuations. Price factors are influenced by numerous factors such as the dollar exchange rate, global oil demand and political events. If you want to top up your heating oil tank cheaply, you should therefore leave nothing to chance when buying and regularly monitor the development of costs, compare the prices and order them cheaply at the right time. With the price charts on you always have the development in view.

Comparison of heating oil: buying in partial quantities can pay off

Despite intense market observation, it can happen that after the fuel oil comparison, prices continue to fall. If you divide your annual requirement into two orders, you will never be left dry and will end up with a good average price. This procedure is particularly useful for uncertain fuel oil development with strong fluctuations within a short period of time.

Save together with a bulk order

Do your neighbors own an oil heater? In that case, you may be able to save even more with a bulk order because suppliers generally grant a quantity discount for higher delivery quantities. The fuel oil comparison tells you whether a joint order is worthwhile. Enter the added amount of liters and the number of unloading points in the fuel oil comparison. Prerequisite for a bulk order: The removal points are located at most five to ten kilometers apart. Each participant receives a separate bill.

This is how the fuel oil comparison works

With the fuel oil comparison you can easily determine the lowest prices. All you have to do: Enter the desired delivery quantity and your postal code into the heating oil calculator. As at the gas station, you can choose between different varieties.

If you have found a good deal using the fuel oil comparison, you can conveniently order online. The order confirmation can be obtained directly from the regional dealer. They usually contact you by phone to arrange a delivery date. Remember that for heating oil supply contracts there is no right of withdrawal under the regulations on distance selling, so the purchase is binding.



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